Planar Transformer

Planar transformer is a transformer with high frequency, low profile, small height and high operating frequency.

Compared with conventional transformers, the size of the magnetic core of planar transformers is greatly reduced, especially the height is reduced the most. This feature is very attractive in power supply equipment where space is strictly limited, making it the preferred magnetic component in many power supply equipment. The structural advantages of planar transformers also bring many advantages to its electrical characteristics: high power density, high efficiency, low leakage inductance, good heat dissipation, and low cost.

Key Features--

(1) High current density. The wires of a planar transformer are actually planar conductors, so the current density is high.

(2) High efficiency. The efficiency can reach 98%~99%.

(3) Low leakage inductance. Approximately 0.2% of the primary inductance.

(4) Good heat conduction. The hot aisle distance is short and the temperature rise is low.

(5) Low EMI radiation. Good core shielding can keep radiation to a very low level.

(6) Small size. The use of a small magnetic core can reduce the size accordingly.

(7) The parameters have good repeatability. Because the winding structure is fixed and easy to pre-process, the parameters are stable.

(8) Wide operating frequency range. The frequency can be from 50kHz to 2MHz.

(9) Wide operating temperature range. The working temperature is -40℃~130℃.

(10) Good insulation. The planar transformer is composed of overlapping conductive circuits and insulating sheets, thereby ensuring up to 4 kV insulation isolation between windings, primary-secondary and secondary-secondary.

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