Common Mode Choke

Common mode chokes, or common mode inductors, consist of two or more coils of insulated wire on a single magnetic core. Each winding is put in series with one of the conductors. This means that the magnetic fields of the wires combine to present high impedance to the noise signal. 

Common mode choke is an inductive device used to suppress common mode interference signals. Its main features are that it can suppress common-mode interference signals, realize differential mode conversion, have large inductance value, and small size. Common mode inductors can be used in power supply, communications, computers, medical care, industrial automation and other fields. It is often used in computer switching power supplies to filter common mode electromagnetic interference signals.

In the computer field, common mode inductors are widely used in network communications, servers, data centers and other places. In these places, common-mode inductors can effectively suppress common-mode noise on power lines or signal lines, ensuring the stability and integrity of data transmission.

In addition to the computer field, common mode inductors have also found wide applications in automotive electronics, medical equipment, industrial control and other fields. In these situations, common mode inductors can also play a role in suppressing common mode interference and improving signal quality.

In the field of automotive electronics, common mode inductors are used to suppress common mode noise on automotive power lines to ensure stable operation of automotive control systems. In the field of medical equipment, common mode inductors can be used to suppress electromagnetic interference on the power lines of medical equipment, thereby improving the electrical performance and reliability of medical equipment. In the field of industrial control, common mode inductors can be used to suppress common mode noise on signal lines in industrial control systems, thereby improving the accuracy and stability of the control system.